The Cullen Family


Carlisle is the head and “father figure” of the family. He is around 350 years of age, and initially from London. He is regarded among the vampire world.

Back story: He is the child of a minister, who was prepared by his dad to chase powerful animals including vampires. One night he was chomped and left beyond words. Embarrassed, he changed subtly with the goal that his dad would not need to know. From the minute he turned he promised that he would not surrender to the killing of people. He’s just nibbled his relative while they were people to spare their lives.


Esme is the female authority of the family. She is hitched to Carlisle. She is enthusiastic and adoring.

Back story: After a fizzled suicide following the demise of her youngster Carlisle discovered Esme and couldn’t avoid sparing her. When he turned her they began to look all starry eyed at and got hitched.

Extraordinary capacity: Has a colossal enthusiasm for affection.


Edward has all the earmarks of being 17, however he’s extremely 108 years of age.

Back story: He lost his family amid the Influenza pestilence in 1918, however was spared via Carlisle after his mom conveyed him to the healing facility. He turns out to be unbelievably pulled in to Bella Swan since her brain is the just a single he can’t read. He additionally discovers her blood so enticing it winds up difficult to stand up to.

Unique capacity: He can read minds, which is an awesome power when battling foes.


Rosalie is a standout amongst the most lovely vampires. She is hitched to Emmett and is the main Cullen who disdains Bella. She begrudges Bella for being human. In spite of the fact that she is furious and defensive of the Cullen coven, she would rather be human.

Back story: Rosalie was naturally introduced to a rich family. She was locked in to a well off young fellow whom she thought adored her. One night when she was strolling home her rich life partner and his companions assaulted her and left her for dead. Carlisle discovered her out and about and transformed her into a vampire. She never turned into a vampire, and has an undead chip on her shoulder therefore. Three days after her change, she chased down her attackers and killed them all, not to drink their blood, the main people she’s killed since.


Emmett is the greatest of the pack, and the most scary. He is hitched to Rosalie.

Back story: Emmett was chasing in the forested areas of Tennessee out of 1935 when he was seriously battered by a bear. While chasing creatures for sustenance, Rosalie discovered Emmett conveyed him more than 100 miles to Carlisle with the goal that he could change Emmett. Since Emmett is the freshest vamp of the gathering, he has impressive trouble controlling his allurements for human blood.


Alice is the most petite of the family. She is energetic and minding, loves to shop and toss parties regrettably. Beside Edward, Alice has the nearest relationship to Bella. Alice utilizes her capacity to see the future and help Bella when she is in risk. The two soon come to love each other like sisters.

Back story: Alice dubiously was human. Her soonest memory is awakening as a vampire. Alice later discovers she was conceived around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi and was conferred into a refuge since she had hunches. Alice was changed by a vampire who worked at the refuge with a specific end goal to shield her from James, a tracker vampire who was chasing her.

Unique capacity: Alice can see the future, an upgraded rendition of her capacity to have hunches as a human. She is just ready to see the result of a choice once it is made. Because of this, choices made in the off the cuff can’t be anticipated.


Jasper is more established than the greater part of the Cullen individuals having battled in the US Civil War at 16 years old. He is Alice’s accomplice and has incredible battling abilities and quality.

Back story: He was selected by a vampire called Maria in 1863 to help her prepare youthful vampires into a private armed force to pick up an area. Because of his past and steady battling, he thinks that its difficult to fight the temptation for human blood. Alice met Jasper in a burger joint in Philadelphia and together they searched out the Cullen family.

Extraordinary capacity: As a human, he was to a great degree magnetic and this later improved his capacity to control the feelings of people around him when he turned into a vampire.

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